Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 23rd

So our seven year anniversary was June 23rd. It has been quite the ride, and I do look forward to the many years to come. On Monday (the 23rd) I took a flight to Cincinnati where Ryan was doing a layover. He had no idea that I was coming. I got to the hotel, and the stupid man at the desk wouldn't give me his room number... grrr. At least I got to give him a surprise call from the lobby.
Ryan and I had such a great time together. We walked around the city and ate dinner at a super fancy restaurant. It isn't very often that we get to dress up and go out- just the two of us.
There was lots to see there. We saw two stadiums- which would have been cool if we liked the Bengals or the Reds, but whatever... They also had such beautiful bridges and clock towers.
Ryan is such a great man, and we have grown so much in the last seven years. I couldn't ask for anyone who would better complete me- he is my best friend and I love him so much.

Pier 39

On June 18th we flew to San Francisco to hang out with Ryan on another long layover. The boys thought they were so funny on the airplane, and the nice (but not so smart) flight attendant gave Zack a water the size of his leg to drink- which of course he spilled- bless his heart. The boys and I watch for layovers in San Fran because Ryan stays at the Embassy Suites- which is a Fancy (for us) hotel there. We even had the afternoon to be tourists. We took the boys on the train/ bus system for the first time, which was interesting to say the least. I sat by a homeless man for a good 20 minutes on the bus, which led to flea bites up my left leg that evening. I am questioning getting a taxi next time...
We ended up at pier 39 near fisherman's Wharf. It had awesome views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. There was tons of great food and some really cool shops. We ate at a place where we could sit outside and look out at the boats and water. The boys fed some seaguls, and then we saw the "Don't feed the birds" sign. Oops. The boys got to sit on the Forest Gump bench and ride the carousel. They had a fruit market with strawberries that were bigger then any we had ever seen-Josh thought they were great. They also had a homemade donut shop-and I though it was great. (I would be so thin if donuts didn't exist.... *sigh*)
Anyway, It was a beautiful day, and we had such a great time! Once again we were truly grateful for the opportunity to fly for free and get to take the boys to see so many interesting things that are so different from our life here.

As our trip came to an end, we found ourselves at the airport with a full airplane- no room for us. (Hate it when that happens).... We decided to hop a plane to Phoenix, visit Amy and her boys for the afternoon and then fly from Phoenix to Salt Lake and home from there. It was a slight detour, but we had such a great time seeing the cousins!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Welcome to the big top!

The circus was in town on Monday. Ryan and I took the boys out and had a great time. They had some awesome animals, but lacked a bit in the talent department... I guess what do you expect from a small town circus, right? Zack has decided that when he grows up he is going to ride the motorbikes inside the big metal ball thing... At least he didn't want to be the clown.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

For my favorite boy.... RYAN

Yes Ryan, you are my favorite boy. How I ever talked you into marrying me, I will never know. We really are an opposites attract couple, and I love that we do so well at it.
I love you- everything about you. For the man that you were when I met you, and the man that you have now become. I sit back and smile at the thoughts of us when we first met. I was so not your type, and you were not like anyone I had ever dated. But there was just something about you... Isn't it strange how we just knew that it was right. There was never anything hard about the decision. We just did it- and it worked.
You have so much strength. Your strong faith and knowledge of the gospel show what kind of a man you are. You are so good- and are such a great example to your boys.
Ryan, you are such a good man. You show so much integrity in all that you do. You love your family and work hard to make us happy. When you decided to become a pilot, I was so excited. I had no idea how long, hard, and tear-filled the road would be. But we made it- along with our three precious little boys.
And here we are. When you are gone, I feel as though part of me is missing. I need you here to be my strength. You keep me grounded.
I have a picture of me licking your face... I am so happy that I found someone who will put up with me. Who will love me for being childish sometimes. And someone who will even every once in awhile let me put my cold feet on his warm legs- even though it drives you crazy.
Baby, I am luck to have you. I am lucky that you came into my life and changed me forever. You are my strength, and you bring me more happiness then you will ever know.
I love you Ryan- for all eternity.

For my boys... BRADLEY

Bradley Garth Willard- you make me smile. Even when you make me very angry, you make me smile. I don't know how you do it, but you know that if you can get me to laugh, you can get away with just about anything. Your newest trick has been to meow at me when I am trying to discipline you. You also laugh at me when I yell, and it makes me realize how silly I must look when I am mad.
You are also a stubborn boy. You get what you want- no matter what. Ever since you were little, you could never be distracted away from anything. Your brothers do what you want, and so do your parents.
You love pickups. It was one of your first words. When I bought you a tractor cake pan to do your birthday cake, you insisted on a blue pickup cake. Which you got. You also love semi trucks and airplanes. Everything has a motor- especially your dinner. Every meal you drive your food around your plate before eating it. And when you are full, you drive around whatever is left around on the plate.
Lately you have had a huge fear that your toys and brothers will be sucked down the drain of the bathtub. Each night you are so careful to have every toy accounted for before you let me unplug the drain. You are very particular about your toys- like your big brother Josh.
Bradley, you are a special boy, and I know that you came to our family for a reason. When I was pregnant with you- and I didn't even know I was pregnant yet- I went to the temple in Orlando, Florida. As I sat there, I felt your spirit there with me, and I was told by the spirit that I was pregnant. There are very few times in my life that I have had such a spiritual experience. Upon returning home, I told my Mom and Ryan about the experience, and they both thought I was crazy. Zack was only eight months old at the time. And then, a few weeks later, the test confirmed that I was in fact going to have another baby. Five months later, your Daddy's best friend was killed in an accident- we found out that you were a baby boy just a few days later.
He was such a good man, and we were excited to name you after him. You have big shoes to fill- and great examples all around you to help along the way.
Bradley, I love you so much.

For my boys... ZACK

Zachary Grant Willard- I have cherished the three and a half years we have had together. When people see you with your brothers, they often comment on how much Josh and Bradley look alike, but you are just a bit different. That is because you, my Zack, look like your mommy. And not only that, you act just like me as well. When you are frustrated with life- I totally understand you because you do exactly what I would do in the situation. When you are in time-out and decide it would be a good idea to break the bed instead of cry- I have to laugh because that is what I would do. I love that you are stubborn and competitive. I love that you love to hang out and do absolutely nothing- even if it frustrates your Daddy- because I like to do that too. And I love that for the months that they were building the Rexburg temple, you insisted that someday you would marry me there- even though Josh insisted that I was already married. You are my boy- and I love you for that.
Every time you do much of anything- you make a mess. Rarely do we have a meal without you spilling your milk. No matter where we are- you seem to get dirty. Your clothes are usually washed twice- once to get off the top mess, and again with clorox to get out the stains. Just lately you have decided to be clean. You made game at dinner to see who the cleanest eater is. After spilling your milk, you said "Let's play that whoever spills their milk wins this time."
When Josh said no to that, you said, "Then whoever is three years old wins." I love your drive to the be the winner all the time, maybe that is because I refuse to lose as well. You often remind me that you are going to win lots of trophies like your Grandpa Garth- and I can not wait to be there cheering you on all along the way.
Some nights you wait for your brothers to go to sleep and quietly slip out and snuggle with me on the couch for a few minutes. You will never know how much I cherish that quite time with you.
I love who you are, and am so excited to see you use your stubborn little mind to stand up for who you are and what you believe. Grandma Bonnie used to say that she hoped someday I would have a child just like me, so I would see what I put her through. And Heavenly Father sent me you- and I am so happy for that.
Zack, I love you.

For my boys... JOSH

Joshua Ryan Willard- where have the last five years gone? This afternoon I looked out the window and thought there was an adult walking in the yard. I got a better look and it was YOU! You are so tall and handsome. From such a young age you have worried about people's feelings and making sure not to hurt those around you. You worry about everyone getting a turn and nobody being left out. Rules are your friend, and you are happy when you are being a good boy. You are such a good helper with your brothers and always make sure and tell me that you love me. You remind me each night to read the scriptures and to "get on our prayer bones". I am so grateful that you picked me to be your mommy- even though you look just like your Daddy... I have never met a boy that is so much like his Dad. You are so clean, and love to look nice. You have picked out your own clothes for as long as I can remember, and you are so specific about what you wear and how your hair is combed. You like your toys to be nice, clean and in order. You are almost six years old and still wont wipe yourself because you are terrified of the possibility of getting any of it on your hand.
You love animals, especially horses. You have often expressed your desires to be a cowboy like your Grandpa Grant. I secretly worry that you are much to clean to be a cowboy and would throw a fit if you got dust on your boots- but maybe someday you will prove me wrong...
My little Joshy, I love you. I love your hugs- and the random kisses that you will still slip me when nobody is looking. It is so great to see you getting so big and being such a beacon of light in this dark world. I see you being such a positive influence on those around you- especially your brothers- in the future.
My Joshua- I love you- always remember that. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.
Your Mommy

For my boys...

I want to take a minute and let everyone know my feelings for the boys in my life. They are all so unique and special. I guess I am having one of those days when you sit back and are just truly thankful for the people around you. I spent the afternoon at my mom's yesterday (which I will terribly miss when we move) and we spoke of how lucky we are. She said "you don't have to look very far to realize how blessed you are". This was in reference to so many people who are near and dear to us that have such huge struggles in their lives. So I am going to take the time when I can to write about each of my boys, and what they mean to me...