Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of my favorite things...

One of my favorite things is to watch little boys lay on the floor like this and drive their trucks around. Bradley does it often- he has such a great imagination... He has always loved semi trucks and his ultimate happy times are when Ryan gets out his expensive ones that he is not usually able to play with. The last time Ryan had it out, Bradley played with it for most of the day and then Ryan had to go to work so he told Bradley to tell the truck good-bye for a while. Bradley cried like he was losing his best friend.

The things they say...

Bradley was in the cart at target- Ryan had let him get it. The annoying one that has the big double seat on the front. They are like steering a bus, and they boys only sit in them for the first 30 seconds. Bradley climbed up on the side and was balanced in an awkward position.
Then he says, "Hey mom, I think I am cool.... That's cause I am."

A few days later we were in the mall and he was looking at the different mannequins in the windows. There were some very bright pink ones in one of the windows and he says, "They sure think they are cool, huh mom."

Last night in the shower Zack let a gas. With three boys in the shower- it is their ultimate entertainment. This time though, it sounded a little different and Josh said, "what was that?"
Zack responded, "It's a funny squeaky sound..." in his best old lady Christmas Vacation voice.
*note* They only watch the edited version!