Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan *31*

Ryan ended up having to work on his birthday and so we started the celebration on Monday. We took the boys bowling and to lunch- which was lots of fun! Tuesday night we invited Ryan's brother Gary and his family and some of our neighbors over for cake. I saw a cake in the Taste of Home magazine that I thought I could pull off and we gave it a whirl. It ended up looking great and tasting pretty darn good too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

Happy Valentines Day!

I feel so blessed to have so many sweet valentines in my life. My boys and Ryan were so fantastic this year. Ryan brought home some tulips (my favorite) and we spent a lazy Sunday enjoying the day together. We did take some time to dip strawberries in chocolate and take them around to the boys primary teachers. It was just a great day. The boys all dressed up for church with their pink ties- so handsome!

Bradley's fake birthday...

We took a trip to Idaho and decided to have a birthday get together for Braldey while we were there. I told him of our plans and he began to tell everyone that he was going to have a fake birthday party. He was so excited to get to take the gifts home with him even though it was just his fake birthday. We ended up reserving a big room at Craigos and had a great time with Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Garth- Tom, Kricket, Annie and Max- Grandma Marge, Grandpa Grant, Jeff and Greg. Thanks for coming everyone!!

Basketball 2010

Josh started his first year of basketball and is having so much fun! He is great with the ball and is still deciding which hand he wants to shoot with. He is left handed but we weren't sure which hand he would use when he was younger because he always seemed to do fine no matter which hand he was using. He dribbles with his right hand, and says that it feels fine shooting with either hand. If he practices with both hands and uses his heigth, he is going to be an amazing ball player!

Student of the Month

Josh was named student of the month in his class for the month of February. He has improved so much in the last few months, and we are super proud of him. He has a great teacher and we are very thankful for that! He played it cool through the whole thing. And his face in the pictures pretty much sums up that he thought it was so uncool to have his mom there waving and taking pictures. On a side-note, he sure is tall compared to the other kids considering he is one of the youngest kids in his grade... My little boy is growing up!

New Years Eve 2009

We had Ryan's brother Gary and his family over on New Years Eve to celebrate with us. The kids had a great time playing playstation and watching Uncle Gary's motorcycle DVD. We really enjoy having family close to spend holidays with- and the kids love to have cousins around! On New Years Day Ryan and Gary took the kids sledding. If you look at Bradley in the picture, he is wearing his swimming goggles. I am not sure why he thought he needed them, but he insisted on it. Some things are just not worth the fight- and he looked pretty cute with them on anyway...

Merry Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas. Ryan was able to be home with us for Christmas Eve and
most of Christmas day. The boys could hardly contain their excitement on Christmas Eve. We did our traditional homemade pizza and snacks and watched the story of the birth of Christ.
It was such a fun year with the boys being old enough to enjoy giving gifts to one another and understanding what was going on.
Christmas morning the boys woke us up just after seven and from there it was a tornado of wrapping paper and squeals of excitment. Bradley screamed like a girl every time he opened
a gift because he was so happy. It was so much fun for Ryan and I.
Christmas dinner went fabulous- it was nice to have a quiet dinner with our little family. Ryan taught Josh how to carve a turkey and the boys took turns doing "cheers" to everyone around the table. We were able to sit back, look around and realize how blessed we are.