Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh happy day!

After FIVE years SEVEN months and TWENTY-FIVE days of at least one kid (usually two) in diapers- Bradley is POTTY TRAINED!! He even woke up dry this morning- (which is not unusual for my boys, the other two potty trained day/night at the same time). Upon waking this morning, he sat straight up and said "need to pee!!"
Ahhhh... the sweet relief of not having to change diapers! Now we just need to get through the "accident phase" which he has had none of today- even made it through nursery at church!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Time at the cabin

We spent last weekend at my parent's cabin near Yellowstone Park. The boys had so much fun!
Tom and Kricket came up with Miss Annie- who is oh-so entertaining for the boys.
There was SO much snow up there! Some friends of my parents brought their snow machines and everyone had fun getting rides. Josh and Zack even saw two wolves when they were on a ride with Grandpa. Overall, we had a great, relaxing weekend!

Easter pictures

Easter was cold this year. We still had tons of snow and we wondered what they would do for the Easter egg hunt. Josh heard a commercial on the radio that talked about wearing his running shoes to the hunt, so he was excited. When the morning finally arrived, we got dressed up and headed out to the high school. We met Carrie Goodman and her kids Kyler and Kalaya. Those are the other kids in the pictures...
As we got there, we saw people lined up with bags of candy handing out a handful to each child in their baskets. Josh cried and cried, he was so disappointed!
So, here are the pictures of our Easter trick-or-treating. SO disappointing!