Monday, July 13, 2009

Cutting ties...

Ryan and I went this week to get Utah driver's licenses. It was the last thing that we still had left from Idaho. So I guess now we are official Utards...
On a side note: if anyone moves to Utah and gets a driver's license, the test they have you take is open book! (Unless you are a first time driver.)
I wish someone would have told me that...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


We started off our trip to Idaho with a quick trip to the cabin. Got a little R&R, fishing and some fun times playing with Annie, Gram and Grandpa and Nola's family.
Fishing with Grandpa Garth at Cliff Lake.

Gram with Annie
(who was impatiently waiting for "the boys" to get back from fishing)

Next came the 10 year class reunion. We were oh-so-supportive of our friend Cel who happened to be in charge and had a fun time chillin' without our husbands for the evening.
Still as sexy as ever...

Next was the always- anticipated 4th of July. Earlier in the week I had told Josh that Saturday would be the 4th of July races. His response, "Man, I've gotta lose some weight!"
Stretching for the races

Bradley actually running after he said he wouldn't.

Zack speeding ahead of the competition.

Josh winning his 1st place quarters.

Bradley winning the sack race- he got the lucky sack with a hole in the bottom.

Josh thought this race looked so fun...
Until his arms gave out and he did a face plant...
Emma- Josh- Zack


Asleep before the fireworks began (with sucker in hand!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Phoenix (Amy's house)

Such cute boys!

We went to Amy's for a few days and spent most of our time trying to stay cooled off! We had a great time going to the movies and getting wet at the water park. It's always fun to have all those boys together!


Fremont Street

About two hours into the trip- Bradley didn't want to leave the hotel, Josh didn't want to walk and Zack's stomach hurt.... So much fun.

We love finding good Mexican food to eat!

Arcade beneath the M&M store- we spent a lot of time here.
Petting the sting rays at Mandalay Bay

New York, New York

Enjoying Coke's flavors from around the world...

Ryan and I decided to go to Vegas for our anniversary and last minute ended up taking the boys with us. We had a good time- and just enjoyed a vacation with Ryan with us!

Bear Lake Willard family reunion

The whole fam damily...

Loved having cousins around to play!

Thanks Uncle Gary for bringing up the bikes!

Trying to stay dry while eating- darn rain!

Sexy man...

Bradley hitching a ride home.

We had a great time in Bear Lake (despite the rain). It was a beautiful place and such a great campground! We spent three days and two nights getting to know the Willard clan a little better... Hopefully next year will be a little warmer!