Saturday, August 29, 2009

San Francisco

We took the boys to San Francisco for to do an overnight with Ryan. It is one of our favorite places to go, and the boys were so excited! Every time we go, there is something new to see- and this trip was not a disappointment. We went to Ghirardelli square and to peer 39 for dinner. Being there on the weekend made it even better because of all of the entertainment!

Soccer mom

Josh and Kendri are excited to be on the same team...
Josh and Zack started soccer. Unfortunately they are in different age groups so they are on different teams. That means we have soccer four nights a week. I guess next year will be worse when Bradley starts, so I may as well enjoy this year. Josh is amazingly better then he was last year- much more agressive and so stinking fast! Zack is still getting the hang of things, but has scored goals at the two games he has had so far and is quickly figuring things out.

First day of school

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh and Zack with Josh's new Beta fish "Spike"

new BYU hat- just in time for football season

Opening presents was crazy madness!

We had a great BBQ and are so happy to have such great neighbors

Josh had a great 7th birthday. We spent the weekend before his birthday with Ryan's family here in Utah. Josh was thrilled to go to the truck show with Grandma and Grandpa and then back home to have cake and ice cream. On his actual birthday we had a huge neighborhood BBQ and thoroughly enjoyed the organized chaos. The food and friends were awesome!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cousins and the cabin!

Bradley, Brian, Josh, Zack and Jesse ready to go fishing.

Bradley all ready to go


Beautiful view!




Swen and Caleb

Mommy and Zack

cousins on the dock...

Grandma and Bamp at "whole face full" with the grandkids.
Dallin the diva...

Zack and Josh and Grandma Bonnie

Zack and Ricky

Bradley, Jesse, Wade, Josh and Zack

Milli and Katie

Milli cleaning up after a week at the cabin

Dallin pitches in

Zack fell asleep on the way to the ice caves- he is such a stud!

Ready to hike into the caves

Bamp and Bradley

Ricky and Bradley

Wade and Josh- Nathan in the background

Annie and Bradley washing Gram's car

the midwives after staying up late helping the kitty give birth...

Park City

Ryan and I took the boys to Park City for a couple of nights. It was such an awesome place and we had a fantastic time hiking, eating and swimming! We had our friends come up for the second night and we had so much fun!