Thursday, June 18, 2009


LDS visitors center- Independence MO

Carthage Jail
Joseph and Hyrum Smith statue
Inside of Carthage jail- the room where they were killed.

The brick yard in Nauvoo

cute little pioneer boys

This was a fun little play that they kids LOVED.
Bradley got chosen to go on stage, and he thought he was pretty neat!
This was taken on the long car ride home. Such tired eyes!

Happy Birthday Jarom!
We went to visit my friend Alyssa and her two kids- Jarom (6) and Blair (2)- in Shawnee Kansas. We decided last minute that we should take a road trip to Nauvoo. I am not sure if we were crazy or just really brave, but we had a great time! The drive was five hours each way. On the way to Nauvoo, we stopped in Independence Missouri and at Liberty jail. We stayed the night in Keokuk and got an early start the next morning to see Carthage jail. After that, we went to Nauvoo and were overwhelmed with the amount of things there were to do! We ended up going all day without stopping and there were still so many things we wanted to see. We ended up staying another night and spending most of the next day in Nauvoo as well. After the long drive back to Shawnee, we were all ready for a good nights sleep. The next night we went to a great restraunt called the T-Rex cafe for Jarom's birthday party. It was a very cool place and the boys had so much fun there!
My friend Alyssa is living in Kansas to be near her husband who is currently in Fort Leavenworth- check out their story HERE.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Schools out for summer....

Welcome to Spokane!

We started off the day with a few putts around the green...

New shades...
The water falls were big, noisy, fast and slightly terrifying!

Bradley chased the birds for over an hour!

Fresh donuts... Mom's favorite!

Happy boy in the fountains.

This slide was HUGE! There were stairs up the back and a slide down the handle- so cool!

"running" with the statues...

The clock tower was beautiful

They loved the over-priced carnival rides...

We joined Ryan in Spokane for a two day layover- and had a BLAST! We were pleasantly surprised that it was so kid-friendly! It was a great way to kick off our summer!